Deviated septum


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Jan 18, 2007
I applied before and needed a second evaluation for a deviated septum from a broken nose.

Long story short, I decided not to go to the academy but am now thinking of reapplying.

Anyway, I was wondering if a deviated septum is likely to disqualify me or if they just need to check that I can breathe.

My doctor also said that there is a procedure that is quick and easy to fix the problem. (Note: I am applying for class of 2013, so I have a year.) Would that be a good or bad idea?
"If" your condition causes you breathing problems, then you would be determined to NOT meet medical accession standards and would require a medical waiver. "If" there are no breathing problems, then you would be determined to MEET medical accession standards.

Any surgeries/procedures that you choose to have performed are strictly a decision between you and your physicians. The government would not endorse any procedures for folks that are not in the Department of Defense (yourself.) That said, "if" you choose to have the procedure, there is more than enough time to heal and barring complications, this would not be a situation that would normally cause a determination of NOT meeting medical standards.:thumb: