Did I pass my CFA?


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Feb 6, 2017

I took my CFA today and I was wondering if you guys think I passed.

Basketball Throw: 57'10"
Pull-Ups: 3
Shuttle Run: 6.9 secs
Sit-Ups: 87
Push-Ups: 40
Mile Run: 6:49
Well, I can't say for sure; I took my CFA at SLE and 57' for basketball throw (that was my lowest score, the one that I had trouble with) still passed. You look like you need to work on pullups, pushups, and the mile a bit. 6:43 is the average for the mile, 5:20 the max. Pushups its 54, so you gotta push for that. Pullups, 8, 3's pretty far off.

At SLE, they said that the averages are all above passing scores, so if you aim for the averages, you'll pass. They don't post the minimums, so I can't tell you for sure. Shoot for the max, alright. That's what they want you to do, that's why they dont post the minimums. Don't ask if you made the minimums, ensure that you make the maximums.