Did I screw up my shot at getting a pilot slot? AFROTC

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by hadha, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Hello all,

    I am a third year AFROTC cadet and am hoping to become a pilot. I took the TBAS recently and was disappointed in my PCSM score (31). I've heard everyone's score has dropped 20 points from TBAS 1.0 to TBAS 2.0, and it is very flight hours heavy (I have zero flight hours), but I was still hoping I wouldn't do so badly. I didn't think I completely nailed the TBAS, but when I finished the test, I felt like I did decently. With 1-2 flight hours (which is all I can afford in the month I have before my package goes in), My PCSM score would be about a 36.

    I'm an okay applicant otherwise. With 1-2 flight hours, these would be my stats:

    GPA: 3.89 (I'm a critical language major, if that helps/hurts anything)
    PFA: 98
    Commander's ranking: #1
    FT ranking: middle third
    PCSM: 36

    I know someone last year who got a pilot slot with a 29 PCSM, and I heard someone got a pilot slot with a 7 PCSM (but I do not know him directly). However, I imagine these cases are few and far between.

    All that being said, does anyone have any insight into whether or not I have a shot at becoming a pilot? If not pilot, do I stand a chance at any other rated position?

    Thanks in advance, I know none of y'all are mindreaders, but I do appreciate hearing from those who know more than I do!
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    You have a shot, statistically there have been people with lower PCSMs get a pilot slot. As far as other rated positions I would say your in pretty good shape. At this point there is nothing you can do except get flight hours, so really there is nothing to worry about. I was stressed out before I got mine as well, but in reality your time to make a few changes is now passed. Sit back, enjoy the ride :).

    Side note: Nobody can tell you anything except based on previous years, but like I said if you go by that you have a shot.
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    Last FY there were cadets in my detachment get selected for Pilot with worse scores than you (They had about ~30 PCSM and a lower GPA than you)
    You should be competitive so do not sweat it.

    However, this is a different FY so it all depends on the numbers of slots they need.

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