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Jan 13, 2007
For all you guys out there that are beginning or already have completed the admissions process to the USAFA, when in your Junior year did you truly start the admissions process? Can you include your year (Junior or Senior) and maybe even the month? That'd be great. I just applied for Summer Seminar and I haven't been able to contact my ALO. So, as a result, I have to ask you. They said he will contact me after March, when they actually start reviewing the applicants. It'd be great if you could let me know.

I remember starting it March of my Junior year. However, I didn't get all the apps till August my senior year I believe. That was before everything went paperless. ;)
Last year i started getting deep into it in the summer. Thats when i took my DoDMERB exams, wrote to congressmen, etc. The spring of my Junior year was mostly related to summer seminar.
The spring of my Junior year was mostly related to summer seminar.
Same with me...I applied to SS in Jan, then pretty much waited 'til after I'd gone. At that point, everything you submit for SS is saved, so you just have to add on to it.

I did all of my statement of activities, teachers' letters of recommendation (I asked them and got their personal emails from them before we went on break), DoDMERB appt, and CFA in the summer. My congressman didn't accept requests for nominations until November, and I also put off one of the writing samples until late December (don't recommend it, but that's what I did.)

The only snag I had along the way was a remedial for DodMERB...I get hay fever and mild allergies. We just had to fill out the form ourselves and send it back in, no biggie, but because I had done it so early, that was taken care of around September/October.