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    I attended summer seminar this past summer, and part of the application (pre-application) asked for a sat score. At the time I applied for summer seminar, I had not taken official sat test yet, so I put a mock sat score instead. Fast forward 5 months, and I have already taken my official sat, but the scores don't match :frown: I scored a 650 on the writing portion of my mock sat, but on the real sat I received a 640 :frown: I understand if it were the other way around (ie higher score on the official sat) it would be fine. But since my official was lower than what I put on the pre-application would that jeopardize my chances of receiving an appointment?
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    Call Admissions. Explain. They'll see the discrepancy when your score report shows up anyway. Probably not a big deal, but don't make it into one.

    Next time, SAT means SAT. Not "Mock-SAT."

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