Different types of US Army Infantry Formations


Jul 11, 2019
If you had to describe the infantry formations, is it just comprised of airborne, air assault, ranger, and mechanized?

Or is it comprised of IBCT, SBCT, ABCT?
Brigade combat teams are not just infantry but also other combat, combat support and combat service support units and or soldiers.
For example, your typical airborne brigade combat team will have 3 infantry battalions, a cav squadron, a field artillery battalion, a combat engineer battalion, and a brigade support battalion. The idea being that a combat brigade can operate independently,
Even within the infantry company you will find non infantry, such as the fire support officer, NCO, and fire support specialists.
I’m not sure if that is what you are asking.
Your typical Infantry Brigade Combat Team includes:

BDE Engineer BN (BEB) includes:
Military Intelligence Company
Engineer Company (2)
Signal Company

Cavalry squadron in an Infantry BCT consists of:
Two Motorized Recon Troops
One Dismounted Recon Troops

Infantry BCT/ Three Maneuver BN’s consist of:
Three Maneuver Companies
One Weapons (Anti-Tank) Company

Infantry BCT Fires BN includes:
One Headquarters, Headquarters Battery (HHB)
Three Fires Batteries

Infantry BSB includes:
Distribution Company
Maintenance Company
Medical Company
Forward Support Companies
**Each FSC will provide Direct Support to Maneuver Battalions