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    It has been rather hard to finish my file, mainly because of my circumstances. I withdrew from high school with rather poor grades, but recieved a GED. Now I am at a military college in Georgia and recieving great notes in core classes such as maths, sciences, and english. I currently hold a 3.6 GPA in college and a 29 ACT composite, but plan to retake the ACT on Dec. 12th and hope to score above the 32 mark.

    Alot of my difficulty is in the Candidate Academic Information forms... I called the CGO and they told me to have the form filled out by my college advisor, but when he recieved the form it was full with high school information.

    I am in many leadership positions, and if you ask any member of the Cadre or executive staff I have proven myself here and am molding myself into a person of integrity. I am also a college athlete at one of the premier junior college football programs in the nation, and am pursuing contact with the athletics department, I will only have 3 years of eligibility remaining though.

    This week I will be at the NCEA Ethics Conferece at West Point, but I am trying to keep the ball rolling on the admissions application. I have sent in all my nomination paperwork, and will be waiting to here back from my MOCs.

    I understand I have had many shortcoming in the past, but that was then. I have excelled greatly in every endeavor taken, and will continue to do so for my lifetime.

    The real question is, how do I get my application complete and how do I ensure my application is done for my special circumstances. I would like the CGO to have a good picutre of me, I have sent them resumes to them describing my achievements here at Georgia Military College. Also, I have faxed them copies of Letters of Reccomendation from my head coach and the President of my school, former West Point grad and Commadant of Cadets.

    How do I ensure they see who I really am, not who I was in my immature adolescence?

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