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Feb 2, 2008
I was so excited to get my AFROTC acceptance letter. But I also have a problem. The school I want to go to has a crosstown agreement, which means every Tuesday you have to drive an hour to this other school, take your two classes there, then drive back. By the time you get back home, it's pretty darn late. It's only possible to take one Tuesday/Thursday class in the morning, and MAYBE one late at night. The AFROTC detachment is willing to work around any schedule conflicts I have for REQUIRED classes (I could skip out on the AIRS and Leadership classes for a semester), but not for those ones that you really want to take and will really help, but aren't required.
I also want to do the Honors Program, and when I asked two students if it was possible to do both, they seemed to think that it would be very difficult because of the time commitment required for both (plus most Honors classes are on Tu/Th). I also really want to be on the intercollegiate track team.
I love the Air Force, and really appreciate what they have given me (15k a year!). I really want to do it, but I'm afraid that I will sacrifice part of my college education by doing so! Please help! Anyone who has had experience with this, or can provide any advice at all, it's greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Hey Taysel,

First, congratulations on receiving an afrotc scholarship! Unfortunately, I can't help you on your dilema but I would tell you to ask yourself if it's worth it and if you can handle your schedule. Sorry I can't be of more help..but just out of curiosity, since I am also applying for an afrotc scholarship, what were your credentials or stats? Thanks for your help!

Very Respectfully
Yes! congratulations!

The Air Force wants you to succeed in college. Cross town agreements CAN be the best of both worlds. Or they can lead to frustration.

I think you should make a visit. Visit your school and visit the AF ROTC detachment. Find out if there are any other cadets - if so how many - who travel.
I know with Army sometimes they will go to the cross town school and hold class there - this makes it easier. Talk to the admissions folks at the school you want to attend. Tell them about your scholarship - and your advisor when you get one. They should support you.
If other cadets are doing it then it's doable. You will also get support and perhaps carpooling assistance.
If you are looking for an excuse to turn down your scholarship - then you have it.
Your choice.
All ROTC scholarships require a commitment of your time and energy - only you can answer how much of a commitment you are willing to give.

In the course of my business, I visit most of the ROTC units in Metro DC area. I see students from all over DE driving to U-Del in Newark, ditto for many in the MD system who come to one of the Baltimore schools for their ROTC training. I stand in awe of the dedicated midshipmen and cadets who are committed to gaining their commission and equally committed to the school that is the best fit for them, regardless of geographical challenge. The unit cadres lean forward to make accommodations for these cadets and ensure they are integrated into the cadet/midshipmen team on the same basis as those who are doing it all in one place.
Yep, it takes some driving, some schedule juggling, some giving up of morning-sleep-ins and late nights, but is great training for the junior officer's military life, racking and stacking the priorities and keeping the eyes on the mission.
You may have to give up something or step back and determine what the long-range goal is and how determined you are to serve in the Air Force as an officer.
Ask to speak with as many commuter-cadets as you can and see how they do it.
And congratuations on that AFROTC scholarship! What a lift to your college plans, and guaranteed employment in the service of the nation for some period of time afterwards... lots of college seniors are sweating right now, having NO idea what kind of employment they will find in this economy. You, on the other hand, have a nice tuition-cushion and a range of honorable, challenging and rewarding service options locked in!