Disaster Interview.


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There probebly wrong but ill find the link to the newspaper article if you want to see it, it talks about a mid who died over this thanksgiving break in a car accident and how Steny Hoyer's office picked him, over what they say "1200"


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sealion said:
Can your son request an interview w/ one of the MOC's who won't fill all of their nom slots to USNA? I have no idea of that ever happens; it's just a shot.
The short answer is: In 1979 the law was changed to only allow MOC nominations that come from your congressional district. The academies do perform some type of checking on this - just in case an out of district nomination is submitted anyway. Could an out of district nomination slip by and not be noticed? Maybe, but this is now no longer kosher, so he is not going to pursue it. Thanks for the suggestion, if it were legal he would be all over it.