Disqualifed for Shoulder Surgery


Nov 8, 2017
Hello all, DS just received word today, his remedial was denied and was DQed because of his past shoulder surgery, etc. Any idea on how long he can expect to wait to know if either USMA or USAFA requests a waiver?

My son was pretty quick for his shoulder DQ. All 3 of the academies he applied to requested a waiver. He eventually closed his AFA app, but USNA and USMA granted his waiver.
If I am correct they will request a waiver quickly but only if they feel he's a strong candidate and is likely to receive and appointment. My sons didn't get a waiver from USMA because someone ranked higher than him in the pool of candidates from his nomination, however he did get and an AROTC waiver and is happily completing his first semester.
Thanks for the replys. So far no word on the waivers. AF portal says "Medical Status
For more complete details concerning your medical status, visit the DODMERB website at https://dodmerb.tricare.osd.mil."

USMA says "DISQUALIFIED (Dec 1, 2017)
WHAT IT MEANS: DODMERB has determined that you DO NOT meet medical accession standards
YOUR ACTIONS: (1) Ensure your entire application is complete and (2) Stand by for Regional Commander to determine if USMA will request a waiver".

I'm assuming AF is not requesting a waiver and USMA hasn't decided as of yet. The DODMERB portal says for both: "Pending SA request for waiver". The DODMERB site was updated first and then a day later the AF and USMA portals were updated - just for those who may be wondering the steps.