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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by ultrarunner89, Dec 23, 2008.

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    I'm in sort of a different situation and was hoping someone could shed some light on the subject.

    I am starting college in january as a first semester freshman at a large civilian university. I intend on doing AROTC. It seems the last step is a DODMERB medical/eye exam. The only way I will be able to attend this university is if I pass and am qualified for the scholarship. My appointments aren't until January 17th and 19th. The Recruitment Officer at the university and the Financial Aid office are giving me a conditional scholarship until I pass the med. exam.

    So my questions are these: I had seasonal allergies when I was 10-14 years old. They dissapated after the age of 14 and I have been allergy free since then. Also, I had a couple migraines when I was 15. They went away with Excedrine Migraine and a dark room. I also tried alcohol as an 18 year old in Canada where it was legal for me to do so and once here at home. I have not had alcohol since then (approximately a year ago) nor had I tried it before then (should I put that on the medical history sheet or is that spot reserved for a history of alcoholism?). I have never broken a bone, had any bad diseases, surgery, or muscle/tendon tears. My eye sight is fine and my hearing is also fine (knock on wood).

    Are these grounds for being disqualified? If they are, are my possibilities at a waiver realistic? Thank you in advance.
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