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Feb 2, 2008
Mr. Mullen,
Earlier in the year (late Feb.) I broke my ankle. There was a problem with the ligaments and I needed to have two screws put into my ankle. About two and 1/2 weeks ago I got the screws removed and my ankle is healing well. The break is completely healed BUT I still have 4 holes in my bones due to the screws. I am able to put full, unassisted pressure on my foot but I won't be able to run until mid-september. So, my question is: Will this automatically disqualify me and if so, is there a good possibility of getting a waiver?

Also, I was diagnosed with a small leak of my aorta about a year ago. The cardiologist said that it is completely normal and should not affect me in any way but I am very concerned that this will keep me out of a service academy. I know that it is difficult to draw any judgement on my situation but any input would be very helpful! Thank you very much for your time!:biggrin:
broken ankles

Molly I'm a parent for prospective Navy applicant (09 plebe year). I'm not here to offer you advice on the DoDMERB I'll leave that to Mr. Mullen ect but I do know something about broken ankles and screws. It’s not clear from your post if you are entering in 09.

I broke my ankle (tibia in 2 places) playing hockey. It was bad. Tore ligaments ect. Had a plate and six screws (in Canada) put in. I went through PT but after a year the screws and plate bothered me. I had them taken out in the US about 10 months after the initial operation. The rehabilitation PT therapy period after the screws were removed was much shorter than after the initial operation. I was running and exercising within 6 weeks after removal of the screws. I started on a bike because it was less pounding then worked up to running. If you are entering in 09 you should be fine by then.

I'm not a doc but I'm confident with a rigorous PT program you will make a full recovery. I guess your question really relates to when you take medical exam and how they look at this. Good luck and I hope you make it.
Dear Molly09 – Sorry for the delay. I’m not able to access the forum at work and I had just turned it off moments before you asked your question last night. For forum purposes only…repeat…forum purposes only…., unless you are a physician with exact clinical records and evaluation…which you do not appear to be….I’ll provide a general answer. I recommend you email me (Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil) the specific medical records and I can then provide you a definitive reply after our Docs review the records. That said, here we go….

You did not say specifically to what program (Service Academy and/or ROTC) you are/have applied and when the decision becomes important. You hinted at a Service Academy and seeing as this decision would not become important until Spring 2009, it may not be a problem. So, I won’t assume anything. Given the condition you report now, you would not meet medical accession standards. At such time that you were released to full activity without restrictions by the operating orthopedic surgeon, you would then meet medical accession standards.

Regarding your heart issue….. You would NOT meet medical accession standards, BUT, that’s because it’s a “history of” type condition. The not meeting medical accession standard would be to draw the attention of the medical waiver authority to conduct a risk analysis of your condition. Given that you imply your cardiologist says the abnormality is normal for you and doesn’t cause any dysfunction, this would be in your favor to possibly receive a medical waiver. Again, we’d need to look at the specific records to render a final determination.

I hope this helps. If you do choose to send me your records, pls place a copy of this posting as the cover sheet so I know what our reference is. Thx:thumb: