Do I have a chance?


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Jul 11, 2008
I've been trying hard to get into USMA, but I'm not sure my SAT scores or ACT scores aren't quite there.
SAT: 560 critical reading; 530 math; 580 writing and a 9/12 on the essay
ACT: 22 eng; 21 math; 31 reading; 21 science; 24 total
I have kept a very steady GPA thats stayed at about 3.64
I have also kept active, playing varsity football and going all the way to states in weightlifting. I have also been a member of Junior Civitan, and the National Honors Society. My father has served in the Army Reserves for over 25 years and is a Colonel (qualifying for the presidential nomination). What has me worried is that my senator states that there is a minimum of 1120 on the SAT (560 for CR and Math). I am so close to the 560 in math, but the deadline for my senator is Sept. 30, and the next SAT test is in October. I really want to go to USMA, as it has been my dream to attend there ever since I started high school.
P.S. have taken SAT and ACT twice
Yo man there is always a chance, you wont know unless you apply. Your activities are good which will help and you've got a pretty decent GPA. So really just try and get your SATs up even if not in time for the senators for the Academy its self. Because what I have heard is the President has an unlimited about of nominations and they aren't to competitive. And if you don't get USMA then also apply for ROTC. The army has a very large purse due to the current world situation so you could definitely pick up a scholarship, and get your grades up and apply after a semester of college too.
OK - I will cut to the chase - your SAT's especially your math are too low.
Do not despair - apply for your nominations and proceed. My daughter didn't have the "minimum" SAT for one of our Senator's either, but she got an interview anyway. She did get a nomination from our Congressman. Study for the SAT's and ACT's this summer and take them again this fall. You can keep trying all the way until the Jan test.

Your gpa looks good but I don't know what you have taken for classes or what level - honors? any AP?
How about your senior schedule - is it rigorous? Have/are you taking Chemistry? and Physics? How about Calc or pre-calc?
You might want to try to get some leadership experience - belonging to clubs is ok but how about what you do - are you an officer or team captain. Even organizing a club project is good.

If you really want to go to USMA then get started on your application and do a good job. If USMA really wants you but your SAT's are a little low - they will consider you for a prep program or you can go to college and apply again - lots of cadets do this as well.
Good Luck!
Everyone has a chance. if you would like to raise your scores i suggest that you take practice tests online. i asked my dad what he thought would help prepare me for the SAT and the ACT and that was what he told me to do. Good Luck!
You will not know unless you try. Obviously higher grades would be better, you can not change the past but you can prepare for the SAT/ACT keep doing the tests. Learn to use the graphing calculator and how to take educated guesses. Take the SAT/ACT as often as you can (even though the dollars will add up) you are worth the investment.

Good Luck
The key to bringing your ACT/SAT scores up is practice, practice, practice. Especially with the math. Math is all about working the problem until you have it down cold.

I am not good at math. When I started college after being out of high school for 30 years I was petrified of the math. I found that sheer repetition works. I'd have to do some problems 4-5 times until I got it. I ended up with 4.0's in each of my math classes, so it can be done. Just keep working the problem until you totally understand every aspect of it. And it helps to write each step out.

There are practice books at the book stores that have multiple tests. I bought one for my daughter that had 11 tests in it. Buy one, don't write in the book, but do the tests - repeatedly. Get used to the format. Whatever you don't understand research it until you do.

If this seems like it's too much work, then you may not want to deal with the rigor of West Point and ROTC may be a good fit.

You can do anything you put your mind to.