Do I have to accept my appointment online if I want my BFE?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by kangaroo2533, Dec 18, 2015.

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    Hello, forum, ever so helpful. I just was offered an appointment, which shows on my portal as "Fully qualified appointment I want to receive my appointment letter; however, I don't know if I have to accept my appointment online first. Will I receive the BFE regardless of whether I say yes or not? If I say yes to this appointment, then am I barred from receiving an appointment to any other academy? I'm still waiting to hear from air force to make any final final decisions (leaning more towards navy ;)), but I still want the BFE. Thanks for your help.
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    You will get the BFE. Nothing you have to do but check your mailbox. You have months to accept the appointment. It will give a deadline in the BFE (I think it's April or May). Give it some time and see if USAFA comes through. Really decide what service fits you best. If you haven't visited, try to if its possible. Don't rush a decision. And relax, the BFE will come either in a few weeks or a few days or anything in between. Honestly it's a folder that looks good and eventually sit in a box one day. It's the holidays. The folks in admissions take vacations too so don't expect things to go at lightening speed in admissions right now.
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