Do I look alright?

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    Hello fellow candidates, those who are extremely interested in going to the prestigious USMA as well as I am, and those who can aid others who are interested in applying.

    I would first like to discuss SLS.
    As a Junior, I was advised by my Senior Army Instructor to apply as soon as USMA was open to SLS applications on December 15th, 2010. I haven't received my letter of acceptance yet, although I was told that my letter was supposed to be sent that week. If anyone received their letter, what does it speak about? You don't have to if it's confidential (if it is, I'm not sure). If anyone has already attended SLS in the past, can you please explain your experience during SLS and the activities you have all done? Thank you.

    I would also like to discuss where I stand since I am very concerned about how I will stack up.
    My grades for all years up to my Junior year has been a steady B, but this first half of this Junior year has been a bit rough due mainly because I am very busy after school with sports, activities, community service, etc. I understand that they don't look at the GPA per se, but I want to maintain high standards because I don't want to drop down to a C+. My school's course work is known to be extremely difficult, since it's a very prestigious school in New York. I stand pretty well when it comes to varsity athletics, extracurricular activities, and being affiliated with my school community. I'm a student government representative for my homeroom and I'm also a part of the Model United Nations. I'm also working among my community in my neighborhood and I'm joining the Civil Air Patrol in order to work more within my community. I'm also going to make a call regarding membership to boys state, since I am very interested in that too. I'm also in JROTC, and I'm a pretty high rank as a Junior as an NCOIC with the rank of Cadet/ Master Sergeant. I haven't really been too open to AP or honors classes, although I almost skipped ahead to Calculus which was a senior course (but my teacher felt that it would be better to be placed back in Junior year algebra). I already have the support of my Senior Army Instructor and a well known retired detective who was one of the first responders to the call of duty during 9/11 and is pretty well known.

    I haven't taken the SATs yet, when should I?
    How do I look so far?
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    The SLS acceptance letter just tells you you're accepted from what I got and remember from last year. SLS was great, I had a lot of fun. Search this forum for 'SLS' and you'll see what past attendees have to say and what kind of things we did.

    Your school's difficulty is taken into account when Admissions decides whether you qualify academically. They look at the whole package, and since you say you stand "pretty well when it comes to varsity athletics, extracurricular activities and being affiliated with my school community" that kind of answers your own question, so yes you're doing alright. But I'm confused where you say "I haven't really been too open to AP or honors classes" - does this mean you've taken none? Admissions wants to see you taking the hardest classes you can handle.

    I don't see why you would join CAP if you're already involved in JROTC - that would suck more time away from your grades which you seem to be the most concerned about. If you're concerned, make changes.

    I would say you should sign up for standardized tests as soon as possible. In my junior year I took the SAT in November and January and the ACT in October and December.
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    Take the SAT when you are prepared for it, but you definitely take one no later than this fall. SAT or ACT is required to complete your application. Completing your application file early will increase your chance.

    Prepare for SAT or ACT best you can.

    And consider reducing some of your non-academic activities devote more time on your studies.

    My guess is you did pretty good on your PSAT, otherwise you would not have been accepted to SLS (per what you are being told).

    Based on what your are stating, West Point will have concerns about your academic foundation. If you do well on your SAT or ACT, they will be less concerned as standardized test shows your academic potential so your grades might not be reflective of your true academic potential. Not so good SAT or ACT, perhaps your grade is reflective of your academic potential.
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    Here is a link to the profile for the class of 2014, This will show that a large percentage of applicants are in the top 20% of their class, and average over 600 in each of the SAT sections. If you are exceeding that criteria you are somewhat competitive. I would be concerned with "B's", and the possibility of getting to a "C+" as stated in your post. Probably not good enough.

    You need to take the SAT/ACT test soon. You will want to open a file at USMA this summer, and in my opinion it would be good to have taken the test twice by then, unless you crush it the first time around. You can always take the test next fall, for the second or third time, but get that first one done soon!

    Best of luck.

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