Do I qualify for the Naval Academy? What are my chances?

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    Hi all, I just joined this forum and was thrilled to see the amount of responses from other hopeful candidates!

    So to start off I am a current SOPHOMORE, class of 2014 in Highschool.
    My credentials go as following, starting with academics:

    Freshman year: All regular core classes, Honors Geometry(1 year ahead), and Spanish 100 for two semesters.

    Averaging GPA for 1st and 2nd semester at 3.67.

    I am pursuing an IB Diploma.
    Sophomore year, I slacked off: Full Pre-IB Courses.
    Pre-IB History
    Pre-IB English
    Pre-IB Chemistry(that was hell)
    Pre-IB Algebra II/TRIG
    Intro to Marketing
    Spanish 200
    Average GPA Sophomore Year: 3.3.
    As you can see, I went from one honors class to FULL IB HONORS CRAZY classes.

    I plan on improving drastically.

    Average Overall GPA 9-10 grade: 3.55

    What classes I plan to take Junior Year:
    IB History
    IB English
    IB Physics
    IB PRE-Calc
    IB Spanish 300
    IB Business and marketing
    Aiming for a 4.0 :D
    Aiming for a 3.85 Average GPA End of Junior Year.

    Senior Year(Doesn't really matter if I don't make it)
    Same classes except IB Spanish 400 and IB Calculus

    Taking SAT Prep during the summer, on practice test I scored a 1840. Aiming for 2100.

    For sports:
    Freshmen year: Football
    Sophomore year: JV Tennis and Crew(Rowing)
    Junior year: Varsity Tennis and Experienced(Varsity) Crew
    Senior year: V Tennis and Experienced Crew


    Okay, so for leadership I am heavily involved in almost anything I can do.
    First off, I am in the US Naval Sea Cadets. I joined this year and am going to Bootcamp this summer. I hope to expand my leadership skills through this and become a LPO(Leading Petty Officer) end of my Junior year when I apply.

    So during freshmen year, since my school was a 7-9 Junior High school, I was elected Co-President of ASB, that helped me a lot to prepare for what I did this year.

    Sophomore Year: Elected Sophomore Class President at the beginning of the year, and also elected for Vice President of Key Club(Community service oriented club) for next year. And also at the end of the year, I ran for Junior Class President, and won unopposed

    Junior Year: I plan to finish the year strong and motivated, and will run for ASB President. If I lose, I will run for Senior Class President.

    So basically, I was elected co-president of my Junior High School ASB, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, Key Club Vice President, and hope to become a LPO at Sea Cadets.

    I think that's all I need to say for my credentials.

    Thank you for all of you who have taken their time to read this and I hope to get replies on what I need to do to improve. Thank you guys so much!
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    From what I can tell, things are looking great for you.

    GPA is a little low, but what's done is done. If you can pull off straight As next year, you'll be in a good position.

    Study hard for the SAT/ACT. They can help you quite a bit if you score well. Aim for a 700+ in each section. The higher the better.

    Start prepping for the CFA. I bet some of the NASS attendees last week and on the yard right now wished they had started preparing back in sophomore year.
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    Thank you for your reply. My fitness is in great shape and have a healthy lifestyle. I have been wanting to go to the Naval Academy since the 7th grade. I see that you are a Appointee of Annapolis. What were your credentials?

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