Do the Academies talk?

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    Each Academy fills a class of about 1200 (except USCGA and USMMA ~250 each) by extending 1400-1500 offers of appointment. Of those, 200-300 decline those offers to go to another Academy. Having been through this process several times we know that a vast majority of the applicants apply to more than one, or most, if not all of the Academies.

    Granted that each applicant has a "First Choice", but most would be honored to accept an appointment from ANY Academy, but I'm curious about several things. How many total applicants are USMA, USAFA, USNA publish about 12,000 applicants (give or take - about half of whom never finish the application or jump through all of the many hoops)

    Each Academy gets 6000ish real solid applicants - then half of those get nominations.

    We've watched one candidate get a BFE from one academy and the same candidate gets a TWE from another.

    Do the Academy talk? Do they actually compete for EVERY candidate, or do they say "you take A and we'll take B" ?

    Just curious.:rolleyes:

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