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Aug 5, 2007
Hey guys, long time no talk,

I just wanted to ask a question that was kinda similar to the one I asked about the Naval Academy in terms of candidate file access. I know the BGO can see some info in regards to your application, but I was wondering whether West Point teachers, coaches, and other officials (not including admissions team) can access your file throughout the year after you enroll. Can they see our high school record, gpa, Sat scores, etc? Thanks
I doubt it. Your teachers are given YOU because admissions has decided you can handle the work. Doesn't matter what you got in Honor Chem. Doesn't matter how you did on the verbal section of the SAT. They have to deal with you either way.

I'm going to say no, but I'm also don't actually it an educated guess.
Hello. I don't want to start a new thread, so I randomly chose this one. What does TAC stand for - at least in the world of USMA and maybe the other academies.
executive - At USMA, TAC stands for the "Tactical Officer". He or she is in charge of the company. Here is a link with some information:

I'm sure they have officers that do the same job at the other academies but they probably go by a different title.
What kind of a relationship do you have with TAC officers? Do they act as mentors in every company?
You will have a relationship with both your NCO and TAC, and they will know about every aspect of your life as a cadet.

When I spoke with my d's NCO during PPW, it was very clear that he knew what all approx. 140 cadets under his command was doing. An NCO has more of a day-to-day contact with the cadet than does the TAC, and it is the NCO's job to keep his/her superior (the TAC) informed. The NCO gets reports on cadets on a daily basis. For instance, if a cadet is late to class, the NCO knows about it.

When meeting my d's TAC, it was very apparent that she knew all of the cadets in her company very well. And when speaking to other cadets in my d's company, it was apparent that they know her well, too. Whether you'd call a TAC a mentor or not is up to your interpretation as to what a mentor is. The TAC is at the top of the company command structure and is responsible for all happenings within the company. They are answerable to their superiors for the good order and discipline within their company.

Both the NCO's and TAC's are there to support you and guide you, but their main mission is to train you to become an officer in the US Army. They all are very dedicated to that purpose, and will do what is necessary to accomplish that.