do they look at the essay in my situation??

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    I took the April SAT and I received a 1440 (math:740 and reading:700) and I wanted to send my other SAT that I took (its with the essay) because I think I did awesome on the math.

    But, my problem is I didn't do so well on the essay and I don't know if I want to be judged by it, since USNA considers it to be optional.

    In the eyes of USNA, will they 'bat an eye' towards my essay scores given I have good reading and math scores? I just wanted to send the June Sat with essay purely to have its math get possibly super-scored, and like I said I didn't want to be judged my the possible bad essay score.

    Am I worrying too much? ;)
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    Uh, yes. Nothing positive is gained by worrying.