Do they process applications by state?


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Jun 25, 2016
Looking through the appointment thread I see many states with multiple appts and some states that are not listed. Obviously, this is only a small sampling of the entire applicant pool but it got my brain thinking. Since the candidates are competing against the MOC slate it seems to make sense that they might process all the applicants for one state at a given time. Senate noms will cover an entire state so in states and districts where multiple nomimations are given it seems possible that this could be the case to slot a candidate. Does anybody know if they do process applications by state?
From what I see...Admissions Board reviews on a rolling basis, when the application is submitted it is often reviewed pretty quickly no, the Admissions Board does not review by state. That is an individual determination. On the other hand, Noms and Appointments reviews each MOC slate, and it makes sense to group the Candidates by state instead of reevaluating each MOC slate separately.