Do you have a better shot at getting admitted early action?

Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by sjbd94, Oct 26, 2011.

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    I have been busy filling out civilian college apps and finishing up my USAFA and USMA apps and have neglected my Coast Guard app. I thought i would have plenty of time because i believed that i just needed to submit the student portion of the app by nov 1st and apparently they need everything. I just submitted the application tonight and could probably get everything done by the first if it makes that bog of a difference in your application. I feel like giving teachers 5 days to fill out an evaluation is plenty of time and i already have letter of recommendation so i was just curious has to how critical it is to go early app. Thanks!

    P.S. i read somewhere that they arent going to defer people this year so if im not the strongest candidate would i actually have a better chance at getting in regular decision. I have a 28 ACT, 3.4UW and 3.9W so academically im not the best but still not bad, but i feel like my application is very strong in all other areas so please let me know what I should do.
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    Could your grades or ACT/SAT go up and be better for RA? If so, I would recommend waiting for regular admission. Of course, contacting Objee or one of the admissions officers would give you information from the official source
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    sjbd94: I sent you a PM

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