Do you need to buy your low quarter shoes or are they issued to you?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by USMA $WAG, May 24, 2013.

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    I have asked before if you need to buy your own before R-day and have got conflicting information so if someone could provide the correct information that would be fantastic. Thanks!
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    Foot Wear

    You will be issued a pair of combat boots and low quarters. Socks also. The disadvantage is they will be new and not broken in yet. It is strongly encourage to purchase a set before R-Day and break them in.

    Buy duct tape and place it on your heals, outside of big toe and ball of your feet to prevent blisters.

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    I've not seen this year's boot letter, but past years were very specific: You are instructed to buy a pair of the specified boots and low quarters.

    Then, as Tug_Boat indicates, they will issue you a 2nd set of each on R-day. The are typically DLAT contract boots/shoes, and may not be a nice or comfortable.

    So each cadet will start CBT with two pairs of each.

    If you don't follow the boot letter instructions, or show up with out of spec or bad fit, then you will be issued (and charged) for an additional pair so that you start CBT with two of each.

    If you show up with two pair of acceptable boots or quarters, they will not issue the 2nd pair. But you have to lug them on R-day, so that's not advised by most.

    And if you picked wrong, hate your issue boots/shoes, whatever, you can buy what another CBT specified pair at the C-store, or have an identical pair sent during CBT. But most do not find it worth the trouble.

    The reality is that you'll probably want "Inspection" shoes/boots anyway which are never worn and kept spotless. That's what happens to many of the issue DLAT boot/shoes, and that's OK. In DS's case, his issue boots were much cheaper construction, and they stay in his closet/locker (whatever). His low quarters were same as the Bates specified in the boot letter, and he does wear them for inspections, SOQ boards, etc. But others had opposite results, YMMV.
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    One other comment not mentioned so far: getting shoes/boots before hand not only break them in, but also get your feet use to them. Many new cadet candidates may go thru high school wearing onlyathletic shoes and/or flip-flops. The boots and shoes will surprise these folks, for sure.

    Wearing them for the first time on R-day may lead to all sorts of foot problems during Beast.

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