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    (previously posted in the usna forum)... My son's DOBMERB data is still not showing up on his USNA application. He completed the exams in September, the data showed up on his USMA and USAF apps in October, but it still hasn't shown up on USNA. I inquired with USNA regional rep in early November and they informed me that USNA would request the information as soon as he had 5 out of the 8 required documents on his app.

    His app has been 100% complete since early November. His BGO states that his app is 100% per the BGIS system and he shows as academically qualifited. Both his nominations (congressman and rotc) are showing on his app too. So we are simply missing the DOBMERB.

    I've tried to email the regional rep twice, and our BGO has also tried to email his regional contact, and we are not receiving any responses on the DOBMERB.

    This is quite frustrating, does the missing dobmerb hold us up from the review board. At this point, what can we do? Should I contact the school and try to go up the chain of command to get answers?

    Frustrated and at a loss what to do....

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