Documentary movie, "Anthem"

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    My daughter is a member of USNA Women's Glee Club, and I'm proud to share the trailer of the new documentary movie, “Anthem”.

    “An independent documentary film production of Make Your Mark Media, Anthem tells the story behind Francis Scott Key’s creation of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and explores the role of music and patriotism during The War of 1812. Featuring musical performances and interviews with historians and music experts from the United States and Great Britain, the audience will learn about the songs and events that influenced Key to write what would become the national anthem of the United States of America.”

    In Production for a Summer 2012 Release:
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    Great Video: Don't forget the Quasi-War with paintings in the Rotunda. Asked why painting of US Warship was firing on Ship carrying French Flag. Answer was well S**** happens.

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