Documents and Such


Sep 12, 2017
Instructions For Applicants Offered Admission (Not available yet)
Forms For Applicants Offered Admission (Not available yet)
Sample Oath of Allegiance (Not available yet)

Hey guys, I was recently offered an appointment from USMA a couple days ago, yet these three forms are still unavailable. Do I have to accept my appointment to "unlock" them, or, does it just take time for West Point to upload them? Thanks in advance.
I think they’re either still working on those documents or they just haven’t released them yet. I accepted my appointment on the 14th and I do not have access yet.
They release them in waves over several weeks. Just click ACCEPT and begin the arduous wait known as "Army Time".
If you have a dentist that typically is booked for months out, then schedule an appointment now to get a checkup and xrays. If for some strange reason that is no longer required, then just cancel the appointment, but at least get it lined up IF you know the wait is long. Same with an eye exam. Everything else you kind of just have to hang tight. It's alot of read, acknowledge, sign.
Get yourself a 3 ring binder or some sort of filing system and print everything as it cgomes through. Keep track. It really helped my DD, and she had less than 9 weeks to do it all, so you will have plenty of time.