DoD IG auditing USNA finances

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    DoD IG auditing academy’s finances

    By Sam Fellman - Staff writer
    Navy Times
    Tuesday Nov 23, 2010

    The Defense Department Inspector General is checking the Naval Academy’s books, a spokesman for the inspector general confirmed Tuesday. The audit is the latest turn in a wide-ranging investigation of the school’s finances.

    The audit, focusing on the Naval Academy’s use of gift and non-appropriated funds, began in September after it was requested by the Senate Armed Service Committee, DoD IG spokesman Gary Comerford said.

    “Our objective is to determine whether the U.S. Naval Academy non-appropriated fund instrumentality and its supporting nonprofit organizations are properly accepting, recording, reporting and disbursing donations, gifts, and non-appropriated funds,” according to a press release. “We will consider suggestions from management on additional or revised objectives.”

    In addition to the academy, the school’s alumni association and foundation are being audited, Comerford wrote, adding that “we may identify additional locations during the audit.”

    Comerford declined to say how long the audit would take.

    The academy is reviewing its use of non-appropriated funds, as well, and plans to develop new rules for the use of these funds by early next year, according to Vice Adm. Michael Miller, the new superintendent.

    In Nov. 2009, the Navy’s inspector general found the school had been spending lavishly on recruitment and parties, paid for with donations and athletic sponsorships, off the books.

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