DOD Merb Results to USNA, NROTC, or both?

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    Context #1: DS is applying to USNA and NROTC. Here is an excerpt from the email authorizing him to register for the exam: "You are authorized to take a Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) medical exam as part of your application to a Service Academy, ROTC, USUHS, or other military program." Based on the wording, he didn't know which application triggered the exam but he was happy to just keep things moving.

    Context #2: NROTC app is complete. USNA is more than 50% complete, per his BGO.

    Issue: DS just returned from his exam, with a status report simply acknowledging his exam. (I suggested asking for this in case there ever were any questions.) All good so far. Except.....the report references "Phys PrePI (ROTC Exam)".

    Question: Does this mean that this DoDMERB exam was just for NROTC, or will it also apply to USNA?
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    It is for USNA
    ROTCs do not request DoDMERB until the scholarship is awarded.
    The results will be used for both if applicable.
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