DoDMERB Access Timing?


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Jun 9, 2006
My son cannot access his DoDMERB account to see if there will be any remedials or waivers.

He needs to recover his password. (My fault it was lost as I think I pitched the memory prompt unintentionally :redface:)

The email message from tech support said that his account was deleted because of (1) a space in his user name and (2)that not enough time has passed since his medical exam to post medical status.

The physical was received at Dodmets on 8/1 and the case was closed at Dodmets on 8/4.

^^^ Is that not enough time to post status on the DoDMERB site?

Also his name and SSN are still in the DoDMERB system even though the webmaster says entire account was deleted. So he cannot create a new account. He has been back and forth w/ the webmaster a few times.

Don't really know what to do to access DoDMERB info.

"If" our automated system has not run the rules on your son's case yet, she won't be able to see a status. Email me at for further assistance. Provide your son's full name and Last 4 of his SSN:thumb:
Thank you so much for pointing us in the right direction. We greatly appreciate the professionalism of you and Jan D.

Son got his Q letter. :smile: