DodMERB Administrative Remedial for Orthotics

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    I'm hoping to get some guidance on how my DS should respond to an administrative remedial from DoDMERB for his use of orthotics. He is waiting to here from the USCGA and just received the notice from DoDMERB in the mail yesterday.

    He has a pair of orthotics he keeps in his sneakers but that's it. He's very active, participates in sports, runs sometimes 15 miles a week, cycles, etc. The remedial asked for details on his participation in athletics and whether his participation has ever been limited because of this (it hasn't).

    Will the DoDMERB remedial delay or DQ his appointment?
    Should he notify his admissions officer about the remedial and/or send him a copy of the response he's mailing to DoDMERB?

    This is a new process for us, appreciate the help!

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