DODMERB Adventures


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Feb 6, 2017
DS needed to schedule a remedial thanks to faulty doctor's notes. He called Concorde only to find our nearest contractor is 4 hours away one-way.

DS decides to use a military treatment facility instead of the 30 day wait with Concorde. There are 3 facilities we could use, one with a brand new $300 million dollar hospital. He chose that MTF and called.

I couldn't help but laugh as DS got a first glimpse into military life. Overheard 6 times: "Hi, my name is X, and I'm a candidate for the US Naval Academy. The DOD medical review board needs me to see one of your doctors to evaluate my YY. Could you point me to the right person?"

With each transfer the speech got longer and longer until finally, a relieved sigh and I heard him giving personal details - then a "yes I know I called an Army Hospital and said Navy..."

Ten minutes later, DS finally put down the phone and said "I'm wearing my Navy shirt to my appointment just to have such great verbal sparring! Oh, and I have an appointment now."

He then called the visitor center/ pass and ID to ask to see if the remedial letter covers a driver, too and it started all over again. "Hi, my name is..." [emoji23]

Good times!
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I literally laughed out loud at this...
Long story short - got to the MTF (a chore in itself) and the MTF refused to do the exam and said to go back and find a civilian orthopedic to do the exam.

Called DODMERB and was told if we can get his original ortho to write a letter explicitly answering the questions in the AMI it will be fine.

So we had a nice drive, good road trip food and an audio book!