DoDMERB and heart defect...??


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Jul 5, 2008
I was recently (a month) diagnosed with a "borderline heart defect"- right bundle branch block to be exact. And now I'm absolutely mortified that I will be completely denied a medical waiver.

I've never had any symptoms, and I've been very active my entire life. Unfortunately, the only reason this problem was found was because I tore my ACL and had to have surgery....and the pre-op EKG did the rest.

Does simply having a heart defect ultimately DQ me?
Or can I fight to prove it exists only on paper?

Ahhahrg! Test anxiety!! :confused:
Dear vivaldibabe,

Per our FONECON moments ago, I've give you a course of action that should prove very satisfactory. You will fax me a cy of the ACL records from date of diagnosis to present AND you will fax me a copy of the right-bundle-brancki block records that were identified in the pre-op. U R on the right track:thumb:
Well, you've won me over.
Can't tell you how much I appreciate this!
Truly our pleasure. Thx!!!:thumb: