DoDMERB and knee brace?


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Jul 5, 2008
I recently had my ACL reconstructed-- right around the same time I received my DoDMERB scheduling notice for ROTC.
Surgery went perfectly, and I'm ahead of schedule in recovery with my physical therapist.
However, I do have to wear a custom knee brace until next spring. I will have it off before I enter college, and it will not prevent me from doing nearly all physical activities once I am healed.
My concern is if (and how) my DoDMERB is going to be affected by the brace.

I'm sure someone else had had this same problem- any tips or suggestions?
I'll assume "recently" means within the last 6 mos. That said, when we review your medical qualifications shortly, we'll determine that you don't meet medcial accession standards "at this time." Your case will be reviewed by the medical waiver authority and in all likelihood, your waiver will be denied. HOWEVER, @ such time, as you hope, your surgeon releases you to "full and unrestricted activity (e.g. no brace required; you have no need to return for follow-up visitis; and he/she states you can do whatever you want to do without concerns about the strength, range of motion, and stability of your affected knee), you will be asked to send copies of ALL the documentation into DoDMERB. This will include everything from the date of injury---thru the surgery---to the last appointment when the Doc provides you the full and unconditional release. If you have any additional questions you can email me at the address below or ask general question for me to answer on this forum.

I hope this helps:thumb:

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