Dodmerb Disqualification D.200 waiver

Feb 22, 2018
Hello all, I recently checked my status for medical qualification. I saw that DodMerb failed me (code D.200). They requested a waiver for USMMA, as that is the academy I applied to. Do I just wait now? Are my chances if addmission slim to none now?
Here is what the website states:
R250.30 Pending waiver review by USMMA
D200.00 Medical Officer Miscellaneous Disqualified - Divergence excess (12+ p.d.) without tropia but with intermittent OS suppression 50% ot time.
So ... DoDMERB DQs based on their regulation.

DoDMERB doesn't request a waiver. They notify the SA and/or ROTC admissions/selections group that you need a waiver.

SA admissions decides whether to put you forward to the SA medical waiver authority for a medical waiver depending if they think they are likely to make you an appointment offer.

ROTC scholarship selection waits to see if you are awarded a ROTC scholarship. If you are, then you are put forward for a DoDMERB exam, and if you've already had one, and been found DQ, then ROTC asks their medical waiver authority for you to be considered for a medical waiver.

For USMMA you should contact your admissions POC and respectfully inquire if they are putting you forward for a medical waiver. When did you do your DoDMERB exam? This seems late in the process.