DoDMERB Disqualification


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Nov 22, 2008
I've got a 32 ACT, a 3.77 GPA, 8 Varsity Letters in three sports, and thats just the beginning of my list. I've been deemed competitive by all three service academies, and all three have requested a waiver.

I've had a "history of anaphylaxis due to an allergic reaction"

In short, I had a minor reaction to peanuts, and my parents had it listed as anaphylaxis so it would fall under insurance.

I just got word that my waiver was denied from U.S.M.A. I haven't heard from the other two, but I'm expecting the same.

How would I go about appealing this denial, and what are the odds of getting my waiver?
I'm sure Mr Mullen will want to consult with you directly (when you send him your full name and the last 4 digits of your SS number) but until then I can quote one of his earlier posts about peanut allergies:

MullenLE said:
Regrettably, the short answer about the no. There are a myriad of ways he can still "serve" his country.
Not knowing who your son is or what the particulars regarding his case are, clearly peanuts are one of the most significant food allergies there are for the general population. It also has the potential for one of the most adverse reactions. That fact, coupled with the fact that peanuts products are used throughout the military food system, makes this condition incompatible with military service. This is one of those areas that will NOT be relaxed. That said, we don't want your son to feel "victimized" by the "system." In fact, it is specifically HIS health and welfare, along with those he would have been charged in leading , that were the primary focus for the waiver denial decisions.

MullenLE said:
As an addendum to my response below, more specifically, the same standrads apply to the Active, Reserve, and Guard components of all Services.
EvanHendler - I'm sure you're not in a position for a sense of humor, but what Luigi59 was referring to was there are 5 Service Academies....USMA, USNA, USAFA, USCGA, and USMMA:smile:

I'm able to figure out who you are, your phone number, and your email address. I will reply privately.:thumb:

For the other readers....when you're in the DoDMERB section, your ACT/SATs, scholastic and athletic achievements, your extra cirricular activities, etc, "usually" have no bearing on your medical qualifications.