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    @Capt MJ good afternoon sir,I have a question about the dodmerb dq.So I’m on the verge of being d’q for history of shoulder dislocation.and I turned in all my paper work.Today I got a letter from dodmerb,and it was from navy saying that they needed more info and West Point really didn’t send a weird to me because through out the process whenever I got a remedial request ,it showed on both USNA and West Point ,But today it only shows from USNA and not West Point.I also got an Loa to usmaps,so would I get a waiver?I was Wondering if it was only USNA asking for Info? IMG_0432.JPG
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    I am by no means a DODMERB expert.

    Take everything very literally and look for the explanation that makes sense.

    USNA, at this point in the process, wants more info. We have to assume they are still in the waiver decision process cycle.

    USMA has not asked for more info, yet you have an offer to attend USMAPS. Is your LOA a letter of Assurance or Appointment?

    Though the DODMERB DQ standards are the same, the individual Service Academy waiver policies may differ - the Services are inherently different.

    This is where you look up your DODMERB tech POC, and ask clarifying questions on the status of each process. Ditto Admissions, especially with whether you are good to go for USMAPS.

    Sometimes updates to portals get out of sequence with written and email correspondence. Never assume, and get the real answers from primary sources.
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    Each service academy approves their own waivers - so you may need to respond to independent requests from both USNA and USMA. Quickly respond to each request for additional information as each waiver request will move along at its own pace. Good luck.
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    FHMS has it right I believe....each SA does their own waivers based upon their requirements. I would think (I don't know) that it is more likely USNA may be more apt to grant a shoulder waiver than USMA. Haven't seen too many Navy guys carrying 70 lb packs and having to climb rocks and mountains...:) That may be why USNA keeps asking for additional medical info.

    There is a lot of info on "waivers" on the DoDMerb website.
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    shoulder waivers are fairly common with past successful surgery