Dodmerb Disqualifiers


Apr 4, 2017

Can someone that has recently gone through DoDMERB give me an answer on this ridiculous question. I have two faded scars on my arms, one about an inch and a half long on my left forearm and one about two inches long on the side of my right bicep. I also have one on my right knee, I’m guessing you can tell I was a pretty rough and tumble kid. My question is, will I be disqualified for the scars? I have explanations for each one, broken glass window for my forearm and a nail catching my bicep when I was 11 and 13. I bashed my knee when I was 12. I also have a half inch scar on my left deltoid from falling shoulder first into some rocks. Not that I have any tattoos, but does anyone know the rules on those too? Specifically for a rib tattoo. Anything would be great, thank you. I have a picture of the scar on my forearm.


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IMO opinion, as the mother of a rough and tumble boy who has played year-round sports since youth days, our guiding factor was reporting on the form anything we thought was significant, or required DR's attention. I certainly could not recall all of his young youth visits (mom of 4 here). And if it was addressed specifically (ie: do you have any scars), then we absolutely researched records and answered. I was VERY surprised that his physical was really NBD. I thought we would have to address everything we reported (concussion in 8th grade football for example...that did require medical attention). But those were not addressed further with DoDMRB. So, my advice, report what is asked for, and don't try and overthink what they are looking for or what will be allowed. My first thought when reading your post was 'self-harm', TBH. What I have gleaned from reading around this sight is that they are looking for things that will restrict your abilities to serve in the future. So a scar from a scratch doesn't seem like that would affect that ability. All you can do however is go for it, then you will have your answers!! Good luck!!
Scars they will usually ask about at your physical exam and as long as you have a valid story for each, you should be fine, and the rule for tattoos is that 75% of your body can be covered in tattoos as long as there are none on your neck and above. You can have one tattoo on your ring finger but that's about it. Obviously nothing offensive or controversial. You will have to report all of your tattoos as you get them or remove them. Good luck!
I have a friend who had a brother that went through the process a few years ago where the issue of scars came up. He did not report that he had a heart surgery when he was very young (toddler age). When he went for his exam the doctor saw the "tell-tale" scar on his chest and immediately knew it was a surgical scar. The doctor also knew that this possible disqualifying heart issue was not reported and told my friend's brother that he must report and eluded to his suspicion that this was purposely not reported. Of course, the doctor did report it and my friend's brother was also put in the position of explaining why he omitted this.

So.....the moral to my story is that one of the reasons scars may be of concern is that surgeries and conditions can clearly be seen and identified by any doctor that knows what he/she is doing. If you have any scar that is from a surgery you certainly need to report that surgery/condition because a doctor can tell when a scar is from cut glass or from a past major surgery.