DoDMERB Doctors


Jun 17, 2017
After you take the examination can the Doctor tell you if you have any disqualifying conditions? If not, when do you find out if you do? I just finished my examination and both doctors said that everything is healthy and normal.
Did you check "yes" to any of your answers? If so, DoDMERB will go over the yes answers and decide their response from that. DoDMERB may ask for a remedial, if so, provide them what they ask for. Sign on to the DoDMERB website and click on "view my status" on the left hand side. This is where you are gonna get all the information now.
Yes I did, but they were all related to one injury that has not held me back in anyway and has been well healed over a year. On the website, my application status only says "Complete."
Just keep checking your status. If DoDMERB requests a Remedial, it will be posted. It took a couple of days for my DS remedial codes to show up after the remedial was posted. When my DS status was "comlete" the status changed the next day to "under DoDMERB review" then 6 days later DoDMERB requests "remedial" then 5 days later is when the remedial codes were posted. So, just keep checking your status for changes.