DODMERB DQ - Exotropia


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Jan 19, 2017
About 2 months ago, I completed my DODMERB medical exams for the United States Military Academy. After a month went by, I was told that I was disqualified for a condition called Strabismus Exotropia. However, after going to another doctor within my state, it was determined that I do not have Exotropia, but instead, I have Exophoria with a 10 diopter deviation. Is Exophoria a disqualifying condition like Exotropia?
I have a similar situation but I have not taken the DODMERB yet. I knew it was going to be somewhat of an issue so I searched some of the academies requirements and found that esotropia and similar conditions are waiverable up to +-8 .0 diopters.
I cannot find the link but I remember reading that. I would suggest finding more concrete info since I am not 100% on this.
Hope I helped.