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    I'm sure it has been asked hundreds of times on the forum, and I've seen many answers to the question, but nothing super straight forward. So here's the situation. I've done my medical evaluations and am waiting to hear back. The doc said there was one thing that he thinks I should get checked more in depth. I looked on DoDMERBs website and found that thing under the DQ list and possible Remedials for it. What would happen next if I hear back saying I got a DQ and/or a remedial. Correct me if i am wrong, but is a DQ waiver able by the Academy which means I do nothing, and a Remedial requires additional evaluation and/or information on your part?
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    Typically there will be a remedial to confirm the condition, or history of, prior to the actual DQ.
    Of course if you are missing a limb that might go straight to DQ, no remedial.