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    I am an National Army ROTC Scholarship Winner
    My Status on the DoDMERB Page is Currently:

    Status:Pending Waiver Submission/Review

    I was DQ'd for
    D174.80 Renal calculus

    (Had a single Kidney Stone in September-October 2013)

    Prior to applying for Army ROTC I did research on Kidney Stones and Joining to see what I was facing prior to applying. What I read was: (Army Regulation 40–501, 2-15)

    "h. Current or history of urolithiasis (592) within the preceding 12 months does not meet the standard. Recurrent calculus, nephrocalcinosis, or bilateral renal calculi at any time, does not meet the standard"

    D174.80 seems to add "or history of urolithiasis requiring surgical treatment or hospitalization"

    (I was hospitalized and had a stent placed in so surgery). (All Hospital records were sent to DoDMERB)

    So I was wondering if that was a DoD Policy that superseded the Army Regulation.... and if so would that Army Regulation benefit me in terms of the waiver since that is done by Cadet Command & not DoDMERB. Should I just contact DoDMERB to clarify?

    Thank you for your responses ahead of time.
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    Did they request additional information to submit with the waiver review?
    If the waiver has been submitted all you can really do is wait. DoDMERB has no say on waivers and will not speculate. They review your record and if certain conditions are present they DQ. ROTC automatically starts the waiver process.
    While you wait you could research if other people have been waived for the same thing. They may shed some light on the relative likelihood of a waiver. But that only goes so far. Each case is different. If they can waive you they will. They already picked you. It is in their interest to keep you. That is why waiver review is automatic. But they are not sentimental, if they decide your condition might be a problem they can just as easily cut you loose.

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