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Jan 13, 2009
I am a college program midshipmen in NROTC, this is my second semester with the program. I am aware of how many problems result from DODMERB and therefore asked that i could begin my medical paperwork prior to receiving a scholarship. I have completed all of my physicals and remedials and have recieved the following DQ's:

D227.60 Herniation: intervertebral disk/surgery for condition
D156.10 Color vision deficiency
D211.40 Recurrent headaches interfering with function or requiring prescription medication within the past 3 years

Unfortunately, there are not really any clerical errors here, most of these conditions are accurate. However, they have not affected my performance during my first semester of ROTC. I have not received the scholarship yet and as per my understanding will not be considered for a waiver until i do. I enjoy the program i am in, however am concerned that my chances of getting all of the required waivers is so low that my continued participation is pointless. What are my HONEST chances of getting waived on all accounts. (Discounting the Color vision because I am willing to go Marine option)

Thank you.

I'm not trying to jump the gun here, but look around on some of the threads, and you'll see they almost all end up with a reply from Mr. Mullan that says "paste your question in an email and include contact info and "last 4" of your SSAN" and he'll get back to you. He's VERY quick and he was very responsive when we contacted him last summer. I'm sure you don't have to wait for him to ask! Good luck!
He did. I did. And we'll see what we can do:thumb: