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Oct 4, 2017

If I admit to smoking marijuana twice (a full year ago) and having an occasional beer on DODMERB will I be disqualified from WP admissions?
Agree with AROTC dad, be truthful. Obviously the activity is frowned upon but I am certain it will not disqualify you for trying. They may actually admire the truthfulness as they know drug use in rampant in HS and states are de-criminalizing. If it was a disqualifying event, the pool of applicants would diminish significantly. One thing, are you prepared to toe the line at West Point?
I personally know a guy that put down that he has smoked marijuana before and he’s at the academy right now. It’s probably not the same for everyone though.
There are several members on this forum who have been truthful about very minor MJ and/or alcohol usage that have still passed DoDMERB.

What you don't want is to withhold this info and screw up your SF-86 secret clearance when you are getting ready to commission.

Be consistently truthful.
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In this day and age, I almost find it unbelievable that a 17-18 year old kid hasn't had one taste of alcohol in their lifetime. I know there are plenty of kids out there that haven't and that is awesome, but there is no reason to lie about drinking a beer or wine cooler if you have. You don't want to be looking over your shoulder when they go snooping around asking questions of your friends when you complete the SF-86. Just be honest with that question.
Agreed with above. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for applicants to be untruthful on DODMERB. Don't be that person.