DODMERB- Exotropia


Jul 29, 2016

I had exotropia when I was younger and had three corrective eye surgeries and now have almost perfectly aligned eyes according to my doctor. (my last eye surgery was 8 years ago). I do not have any current problems with this, so will it be a problem with DODMERB? I read the Army ROTC tsandards and it says exotropia over 10 diopters is disqualifying and I believe I have lower. Also, if this were to be a problem , since I got a scholarship are they more likely to grant me a waiver? Any help would be great as I am very stressed about this process.

Thank you
So easy to stress out, I get it. My daughter had shoulder injury history and I poured over everything and drove myself crazy. Only to have it all be fine. You might want to request your medical records now so if they ask for them you are prepared. Other than that, go to your appointments and get the ball rolling. If you are within the limits, you should be fine.

I recently had my eye exam and failed the binocular section of the test due to my condition stated above. So, I will likely need a waiver. I haven't officially been disqualified yet, but I probably will be. I'm very concerned and stressed about this so I was wondering if anyone has some tips or insight on how to get a waiver passed and make this process easier. I will do whatever it takes to get a waiver and will not give up on my dream to become an officer through AROTC. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.