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    Hey ladies!

    Ok, so just a quick word of advice to y'all. IF you take the DoDMERB urination exam while on your menstrual cycle, you WILL have to take it again. Last year I made this mistake, and for a week had a "Waiver Requested" status but no one could tell me what I failed until I got a letter explaining I had failed the urination exam, and was asked for a repeat. Though it did not explain why. My parents were livid, of course, thinking I had failed for... other reasons! :eek: The one part of the test I was POSITIVE I was going to pass, I failed! So that resulted in me having to make the 2 hour drive back to the DoDMERB doctor just to retake that portion of the exam.

    Schedule your exam around your menstrual cycle if at all possible! If not, try to reschedule just the urination exam, otherwise get ready for some angry folks when you get the letter you failed! :rolleyes:

    Best of luck!

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