DODmerb for regular admissions


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Mar 6, 2023
Could someone explain the dodmerb process for regular admission applicants and help put my mind at ease ?

We were under the impression that the dodmerb process started after you completed your application (per the uscga website). My son submitted his uscga application in the beginning of January. Soon after, he wrote his AO and said he hadn’t received a link to sign up for dodmerb. AO wrote back and said not to worry, it can take up to 2-3 weeks, to check your spam folder. We waited two weeks and still nothing. He reached out again to his AO and didn’t hear back. In the meantime, he was able to log on himself and start the application (thanks to a post on this forum).

He had his eye appt last week and has his medical exam tomorrow.

He still hasn’t heard back from his AO and has no contact person for DODmerb.

I expect that he will need a waiver based on a “possible seizure” when he was 8…

It sounds like the waiver will be required by May 15 but the Coast Guard won’t request the waiver until he is actually offered an appointment?! How are we able to get that done in time if he may not even receive an appointment until April/May? Worried about this timeline. I have all of his medical records printed out and ready to send. we followed up with his specialist last month and have letters clearing him from neuro standpoint. I feel like we have done all we can on our end but feel discouraged and worried that we have run out of time. Everything I’ve read said DODmerb process can be lengthy.

I realize I’m getting ahead of myself since he hasn’t yet received an appointment but trying to stay optimistic!


Oct 26, 2022
Should your DS receive a DoDMERB disqualification before an appointment, I believe USCGA may still begin a waiver investigation. It is entirely up to them whether or not they do, but I believe their only condition is if they believe your DS is highly competitive for an appointment, not if he has already received an appointment. Your difficulty with scheduling receiving information about scheduling DoDMERB exams may have been a residual effect from their system failure from September-November of 2022, which they are still working on recovering from. Sadly at this point it's just a waiting game you'll have to suffer through.