DODMERB frustration


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Oct 22, 2008
I received a letter today from DODMERB that I had a DQ for my vision not being correctable to 20/20. I knew this would be an issue after my appointment with the DOD subcontracted eye examination. However, I regularly visit another eye doctor and have documentation that my vision is correctable to 20/20. After my examination, DODMERB requested that remedial files be sent to them. Among the 80 pages of information that I sent, about 12 of those pages clearly stated that my visual accuity was correctable to 20/20. So I called DODMERB and they basically told me that the additional information that they requested meant nothing, and to send the information to USNA admissions. However, the USNA website clearly states not to contact them about waivers or to send them additional medical information. I just want to make sure that the USNA has the correct medical information so that I get a better shot at admission. Any suggestions on a course of action?
bgerundo --

If you scan some of the recent posts, you'll see that Mr. Mullen recently responded to someone else that he was on an extended, 2-week TDY trip and may not be as quick to respond as he normally is. You'll also see he suggests some people directly email him with their question, and that he will answer.

His email address is easily found in several other posts; you might just email him and express your frustration.

That might get you a quicker answer! Good luck; he was quick and very helpful to us.
Thx to RaptorDad2013 and my apologies to Bergundo - As stated, I'm a very busy guy who does NOT always have access to the Forum (It is blocked from governement computers). So, the very first posting on the DoDMERB page, made available by the leadership of the Forum staff, made my contact information available to all. Unless I'm in a plane, conference, or playing racquetball, I answer all emails as soon as I'm physically abble to. So, pls, send me and email to

I am 1000% sure that your statement regarding what DoDMERB "...basically told me...." was either misunderstood, inaccurate, or did not happen in that context. That said, I am available 24/7/365 to answer your questions directly, accurately, and expeditiously. Standing by for your email to assist in whatever way I can:thumb:
Thanks for the advice and I just sent you an email Mr. Mullen. Also, I called DODMERB again today and I contacted someone a little more helpful. I have scheduled a rebuttal examination with my personal eye doctor and will fax it to DODMERB right away.
Roger. Send it """ATTN: Matt per Larry Mullen (Forum)"""":thumb: