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    So I am kinda worried about my DoDMERB physical. I received my paperwork from Concorde December 15th 2014, and had completed my physical 2 days later on the 17th. DoDMERB received the paperwork and entered it in on the 31st. I will most likely require a waiver for a shoulder surgery I had in 2010. As of now, I am completely healthy and have no restrictions.

    However, I am worried that I will not receive a waiver in time. My problem is I am also enlisted and I leave on February 17th for Basic Training. I'm wondering how long does it usually last for DoDMERB to send out remedial letters? I would like to give them as much information as possible. I have given them my enlistment physical with a waiver, and am going to give all my other medical records before I leave.

    I'm applying for USMA and have received 3 nominations from both senators and my congressman. I don't want the DoDMERB to mess this application period up.

    Any sort of input would be helpful. Thanks.

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