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    Hello everyone,
    I am in the process of joining AROTC at my school and have to do my DoDmerb exam soon. Last year, I was getting a physical for football, and my blood pressure was a little bit higher than it should be. I was about thirty pounds overweight at the time. But when I went to the doc,they made me take a test for kidney disease because it runs in my family. They gave me an ultrasound, and said that I have polycystic kidney disease. They gave me a bit of medication to lower my pressure down, and sent me off. After awhile, I stopped taking the medicine because I dropped down to a normal body weight, and the medication was making my BP way too low. My blood pressure became A okay, I suffer no symptom whatsoever of the disease. It's like I don't even have it, but it has been diagnosed.... I mean my dad has it, and has never had any problems with it, and he is almost 50. My question is, does this completely slaughter my dream of being in the ROTC?? I understand I may be DQed, but is there any chance of me staying in if I appeal it??
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    Already answered your email. Thx:thumb:

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