DODMERB Hematuria


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Mar 31, 2017
I was sent a remedial letter for persistent hematuria that reads.

R251.53 Please evaluate for persistent hematuria on successive urinalyses in conjunction with a recent military accessions physical exam. Please provide any diagnoses, indicate any recommended treatment, and provide a prognosis (private physician referral)
R251.22 Please provide all doctors notes to include diagnosis for the persistent hematuria

We did a CT scan and urinalysis, the tests for the CT scan came back as negative for everything. No tumors, lesions, infections, kidney stones etc. Doctor said in his final report that DODMERB now has that its a non issue and likely related to exercise and does not recommend further treatment or testing. Hematuria in itself does not seem like its a auto DQ under current AR 40-501. When searching for the terms it says it does not meet standard in three ways.

1.) d. Current hematuria (599.7), pyuria, or other findings indicative of urinary tract disease (599) does not meet the standard (NO UTI OR OTHER INFECTIONS SO THIS SHOULD NOT DQ ME)
2.)The causes of medical unfitness for flying duty Classes 1/2/2F/3/4 are the causes in paragraphs 2–14 and 2–15, plus the following: a. History of persistent hematuria with greater than five red blood cells per high power field on routine analysis. (I WANT TO GO ARMY RESERVE AS MI SO THIS SHOULDNT APPLY IF I AM READING IT RIGHT)
3.)The causes of medical unfitness for initial selection for diving training are all of the causes listed in chapter 2, plus the following: (3) Abnormal findings by urinalysis, including significant proteinuria and hematuria. (ALSO NOT TRYING TO GO TO DIVE SCHOOL OR MARINE SCHOOL SO THIS SHOULD NOT DQ ME EITHER RIGHT?)

With the docs notes and testing combined with the specific fields hematuria DQ's in, I should not be DQ'd right? Or does the army want me to be able to serve in any possible job and their fore I could be DQ'd for this?
I would like to know this too I have persistent microscopic hematuria but have never been given a diagnosis, my DR has never cared for it and says its "normal"...did you answered yes on the 2942 questionaire for blood in urine or did they found out doing the urinalysis for the physical. Did you provide the records when you visited the DR or did they ask for them later??