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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Beonks, Dec 13, 2012.

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    On the DoDMERB tricare website it states:
    19-NOV-12: Date letter sent - DD2368: Status Letter

    I thought they were supposed to send you a letter stating, in writing, your qualified/remedial/disqualified status. However, almost a month later, and I haven't received anything in the mail...
    I double-checked my address on file, and it is correct.
    Does it normally take this long for letters to be received? Should I be concerned about something?

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    I believe this is your letter stating that you are indeed qualified. I would give them a call to confirm.

    Good luck to you!
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    My daughter's DoDMERB profile on their web site also indicated a letter had been sent to us that we never received. In her case, it was to notify her of a request for remedial medical documentation. The remedial codes were listed on the Web site, so it was clear what they wanted. I called them to find out if there were any specific instructions in the letter for submitting the records they wanted and they said I could just fax them.

    Three days later, receipt of the fax was still not posted to their web site. I called again and was told their system was down for a few days, so they could not input anything. After a few more days, still no update, so I called again, got a recording, and left a message. I received a return phone call a couple days later, but was out of office.

    I refaxed and still did not see an update on her profile, so then I scanned the documents and emailed them to the helpdesk email on the DoDMERB site. I got a reply within an hour that they had received my second fax that day and that her record would be reviewed soon. By the next day, her profile was updated from "Remedial" to "Qualified".

    Don't be afraid to follow up with phone calls or emails to DoDMERB. They were more than friendly and helpful and, even though, we never received the letter, we were able to push this along.

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